CV. Complete self-reported covid-19 vaccination coverage in Venezuela: Results of national sample survey (November 2021)


Marino J. González R. Ph.D., Unidad de Políticas Públicas (USB), Caracas, Venezuela,
Félix Seijas Rodríguez Ph.D., Instituto Delphos, Caracas, Venezuela,


The results of the fourth estimate of complete coverage of vaccination against covid-19 in Venezuela are reported, through questions included in a national sample survey. The survey was conducted between November 2 and 9, 2021 in population centers of 1,000 and more inhabitants. A total of 1,200 people aged 18 years and older were interviewed. Interviews were conducted in people’s homes. Complete vaccination coverage against covid-19 corresponds to 35.6% of the country’s total population. The age group with the highest complete coverage is those aged 50 and over (70.4%). Complete coverage in the Metropolitan District of Caracas (MDC) is 40.7%, in the main cities 32.6%, and in the rest of the country 35.6%. complete coverage is higher in the A-B socioeconomic level (45.0%). The population reporting that they do not have any vaccine dose, and want to be vaccinated, corresponds to 21.1%. And those who report that they are not vaccinated against covid-19, and do not want to be vaccinated, represent 9.6%. The full coverage reported indicates that Venezuela ranks 14th (out of 20 countries) in Latin America, when compared to the data available to date in Our World in Data.

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