Ultraestructure of Teleost Retina. José Antonio O’Daly Carbonell


Cones, rods, horizontal, bipolar, amacrines, tubular, Interstitial amacrines, dislocated amacrine, ganglion cells, Müller cells, adrenergic terminals, oligodendroglia, inner and outer plexiform layers and cytochemistry of glycogen distribution from Mugil brasiliensis teleost retina were analyzed by electron microscopy. Horizontal cells had functional contact or electric synapses, between them forming a net. A new layer named tubular amacrine cells was described for the first time below internal horizontal cells forming a net. A newly described dislocated amacrine cells, was localized at the inner plexiform layer and a new undulate amacrine cell was found around bipolar cells. External interstitial amacrine cells were the most voluminous cell in the retina above the inner plexiform layer. External horizontal cells, dark piriform amacrines, stellate amacrines and Müller cells exhibited the highest glycogen concentration a substance providing energy for retina function.

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