Origins of Thoughts and Feelings in the Human Brain Psyche. José Antonio O’Daly Carbonell


Thoughts are ideas and concepts from memories and the environment, used for human actions. The Mindtron is an oscillating particle inducing the brain’s EM field. The nature of the mind is mental eventsfunctions, originating consciousness. Human perceptions induce pleasant or unpleasant sensations, sensory neurons respond to touch, sound, light, odors, food, send signals to the brain, motor neurons cause muscle contractions and glands secretion. Neurons don’t divide, after destruction are replaced by astrocytes. Cognitive psychology deals with, memory, and language for thinking. The structural model of the psyche is the Id, Ego, and Super-Ego, collective unconscious form by archetypes are in humanity myths, religions. Types of thinking: Critical, Analytical, Creative, Abstract, Concrete, Convergent, Divergent. Illumination occurs when a solution is reached. Consciousness is associated with gamma bands. EEG diagnose epilepsy, sleep disorders, coma, anesthesia, death, tumors, stroke, and focal brain problems. Cognition includes conscious and unconscious processes. Feelings are mental experiences like hunger, tissue injury or pain, well-being, threats to the organism like fear, anger, compassion, gratitude, or love. Emotions are associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, pleasure, or displeasure conceptualized by cultural labels, as anger, pride, fear, happiness, increased perspiration changes in pulse rate, expressive facial movements like, smiling, frowning, baring teeth, and appraisals of situational cues. A sensor to detect electrical activity or optical signals in the brain for MRI exists. 

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